Aladdin Cast Yearbook Pictures

While I had to settle with my first and probably snow globe, it was 50% off, Prince_Ali_Fan got the real goodies. A cast yearbook of Aladdin, the animation crew, specially the supervisions, seemed to have much fun drawing, re-drawing, re-drawing and re-drawing again over and over again. Specially the studio boss, the famous Jeffery “Shrek” Katzenberg, had the artists make constant changes in their drawings. Even the directors weren’t left alone as your’ll on see the images below. More scans at Aladdin Fan Livejoural Community.

Weeks before completion of something

Ron Jafar Clements hypnotizes John Sultan Musker

Robin on Sessame Street

Syera points us to a set of classic Sesame Street clips starring Elmo and Robin Williams.
In Robin gives Elmo a stick the comedian demonstrates the muppet what he can do with a stick and in play ball Mr. Williams plays baseball with the two headed monster, Elmo a bunch of kids. Robin explains that his shoe is not alive in What’s Alive. Lastly in Two Robins a robin bird and human Robin tell us the similarities between the two of them.

These clips are new to me, they never aired in the Dutch Sesame Street probably because then Robin had to be dubbed over by a Dutch voice actor.

Genie’s Funniest Moments

After all those years Genie isn’t as funny as he used to be back in the day I’m more an Iago humor fan now I’m older. Still at least two moments in the feature film always keep me chuckling. The sheepish scene, a 17 year old boy tricks a millennia old genie who (probably) had a dozen masters before so he should know the drill. I don’t believe Aladdin is the first to trick big blue in a freebie wish.
The second scene is just weird Genie humor, mode of transportation. Watch out they spit!