Photos of Aladdin DVD Premiere at El Capitan

I came across a bunch of never before snaps from the 2004 premiere party of the DVD release at El Capitan. We see the famous faces of director Ron Clements, animator Adreas Deja and everyone of the voice cast except Brad Kane, Robin Williams and Jonathan Freeman.

scott weinger and linda larkin at 2004 dvd party

scott weinger and linda larkin at 2004 dvd party

Princess and the Frog featurette with Aladdin directors

Some of the key guys behind Disney’s return to 2D feature film Princess and the Frog talk about the traditional way of making cartoons, with pencil and paper. Among the interviewees are Ron Clements and John Musker Princess’s directors and animation living legend Andreas Deja (supervising animator of Jafar)

Aladdin Cast Yearbook Pictures

While I had to settle with my first and probably snow globe, it was 50% off, Prince_Ali_Fan got the real goodies. A cast yearbook of Aladdin, the animation crew, specially the supervisions, seemed to have much fun drawing, re-drawing, re-drawing and re-drawing again over and over again. Specially the studio boss, the famous Jeffery “Shrek” Katzenberg, had the artists make constant changes in their drawings. Even the directors weren’t left alone as your’ll on see the images below. More scans at Aladdin Fan Livejoural Community.

Weeks before completion of something

Ron Jafar Clements hypnotizes John Sultan Musker

Princess and the Frog artwork at

Seven years after Treasure Planet Ron Clements and John Musker direct a Disney feature again

Seven years after Treasure Planet Ron Clements and John Musker direct a Dimeu feature again

Hidden within their new website Walt Disney Animation Studios sneaky released most amazing visual development art of The Princess and the Frog to the public. The site’s section includes the sneak trailer as well as mention other upcoming projects such as Rapunzel, the soon-to-open Bolt and the Aaron Blaise & Robert Walker directed King of Elves. Mr. Blaise was lead animator for Rajah and appeantly did some animation for Jasmine as well back in the day.

Hover over the Studio Life link in the About Us section for an Ariel sketch by Glen Keane.

The Making of Aladdin on Youtube

The Disney Channel version of The Making of Aladdin: A Whole New World just appeared on YouTube. The picture quality is to be desired but still watchable. Hosted by John Rhys-Davies who would provide the voice of Cassim in the third and final film he narrates the documentary. We hear and see the directors/writers/producers, the supervising animators, lyricist Tim Rice and composer Alan Menken talk about the creation of the film.
Overall it doesn’t reveal anything that didn’t make it to the DVD but watching it is amazing. Watch even younger Ron, John, Glen and rest in the Making of The Little Mermaid hosted by Alyssa Milano.