Lovely Aladdin, Mozenrath and Sadira costumes

DeviantArtist Saintedsin is an excellent costume designer juding by the number of fantasy costumes on her DA page. Checkout Al, Moz and Sadira. Aladdin comes with Abu, Mozenrath doesn’t come with Xerxes but has his gauntlet. I love that Sadira comes with the Staff of Doom from the episode Witch Way Did She Go?

Defeat by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Reversed by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Guess That’s a No by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Magic Fight by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Let’s Team Up by =Saintedsin on deviantART

Aladdin villians tribute

Trident did a few tributes to the badguys and girls from the Aladdinverse.
Set under Billy Joel’s You May Be Right, great artist by the way, clips from Chaos from the tribute to this crazy all-power cat.

The hilarious Looney Tunes tribute Abis Mal, Aladdin most annoying and funny opponent with his turban obsession.

The to me unknown rockband Trooper hails most of Agrabah’s Enemies using screens capped by myself I have/had stored online somewhere for years.

All hail Sadira

Sadira/Aladdin pairing music videos aren’t common, people don’t always know she’s the teenage streetwise witch from the TV show who had the hots for Aladdin for a while to end up friends with the gang.
Alice Keys sings U Don’t Know My Name for Sadira and her love interest. Made by Booncier

Geocities hosted Aladdin sites archived

Meanwhile I’ve tried to contact the owners of the Aladdin RPG Homepage, A Whole New World Mailing list Homepage, Jasmine’s Oasis, Sadira’s Sandscrolls and Welcome to Agrabah but thus far heard nothing back. I don’t know why but I imagine that the e-mail addreses listed are old and death, my e-mail got lost in the endless stream of span that comes on their Yahoo e-mail or perhaps they just don’t care enough to write back.

Anyway I don’t want to wait till it’s too late and downloaded, repaired what I could and uploaded the five sites to my server with a message on top why the sites where “copied” with contact option avaible. If the owner(s) want their site(s) taken down they can contact me.

Aladdin RPG Homepage is archived at

A Whole New World Mailing list homepage at

Jasmine’s Oasis at

Sadira’s Sand Scrolls at

and a copy of Welcome to Agrabah can be found at