The real Disney Sing A Long Songs A Whole New World

I dug up the real English version of A Whole New World on the 1993 released VHS “Friend Like Me” from the Disney Sing A Long Song series. This is the version I own(ed) and I have the the Dutch edition on my YouTube channel.

The clip is from forourhappiness and was added on my birthday, January 11th, but for some reason I just found it. The quality is not DVD or even VHS but considering it’s capped from a 15 year old VHS the quality is acceptable. Fast forward to 2.38 for “It’s a magic carpet”. Click on the “Sing a long songs” tag at the end of the post for a list or related posts.

A Whole New World Sing A Long Song

A Whole New World Sing A Long Song

Long before Aladdin was being released on video Disney released “A Friend Like Me” in their “Sing A Long Song” video series. I’ve got both the Dutch and English tape the day it came out, I’ve played it like a thousand times.

Before I got rid of my Sing A Longs I recorded “Een Nieuw Begin” more then a year ago. Now thanks to Youtube I can share it with my fellow fanatics.