More artwork

Anything Aladdin posted some more artwork from the movie. There are sketches of what the Cave of Wonders could’ve looked like. A sketch of Aladdin and his mom. Character sheets from Abu and Iago and some early character artwork for Genie. Two sketches by Pres Romanillos of the lead character. And some great facial expressions of Jafar. Even early designs of what the character could’ve looked like.

Gesture Concept Sketches

Gesture Concept Sketches by Aaron Blaise. I recognize the motion of Jasmine twirling in the scene when fatber visits her in the princess chambers about to announce he’d find her a suitor. The two Aladdin gesture pages don’t look familiar, I can’t place them. The last page is from when Jasmine confronts Aladdin about his true identity.

aladdin gesture sketches page 3

aladdin gesture sketches page 2jasmine gesture sketches page 1

jasmine gesture sketches page 2

aladdin gesture sketches page 1

Hidden Gems

Browsing the LiveJournal community d_villains lead me to a Wiggins community, Governor Ratcliffe’s attended in Pocahontas, there I found hilarious fan art that I’ll save for another day.
But that video clip did make me ask myself who animated Wiggins and Ratcliffe. At first I thought it was Andreas who drew Ratcliffe, obvious because he did almost all the 90’s villains but IMDB told me it was Duncan Marjoribanks, supervisor animator of Abu, who did the Governor. Wiggins is done by Chris Buck who was not involved in Aladdin but is Disney veteran.

His last project was Home on the Range according to IMDB but another source mentioned him involving Meet the Robinsons. It seems, at least for now, this was Duncan last project at Disney. He has not credited for The Princess and the Frog but that might chance considering the Animation Department section has only 14 names and that is not much for a feature film. Duncan Marjoribanks could very well in involved in Rapunzel, just 5 names on Animation.
A Google blog search brought the BlogSpot hosted Blue Sky Disney containing sketches by Disney’s finest, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Mark Henn, Eric Goldberg, David Pruiksma and Duncan Marjoribanks.

I realize that some look like standard artwork you’ve seen as clipart of coloring pages but I recall seeing Jasmine lying down and the Sultan sketch on the DVD art gallery or one of the making of features. Notice that close up sketch of Jasmine is the same Mark Henn’s sister has in her living room.

Genie sketch by Eric Goldberg

Jafar sketch by Andreas Deja

Jafar sketch by Andreas Deja

Jasmine sketch by Mark Henn

Jasmine sketch by Mark Henn

Sultan sketch by David Pruiksma