Remember freedom


Today I stumbled on this amazing fanart series of some of the Disney princesses looking back at their otherself through a mirror. Remembering a time before their lives changed forever. Follow the link to the artists DeviantArt page for Ariel, Belle, Aurora Mulan and and Pocahontas.

Remember Freedom by Sonala on deviantART

What do you hang on the bathroom door in 2009?

Classic Sleepingbeauty artwork in the 2009 calender

Classic Sleepingbeauty artwork in the 2009 calender

The batch of Disney calenders for next are out let us see what Disney has to offer their fans for 2009, and if we Aladdin fans be satifised with fresh Jasmine artwork.
Like every year there’s the usual Mickey and Pooh Bear calenders then there’s Pixar strongly represendet with Wall-E, Cars and general calenders, Tink and friends are good for another 7 different calenders and then there are the stupid Disney Channel stars calenders that most people probably will ignore.

So how about that Jasmine artwork, even Jafar as part of the Disney Villian line-up will do. Sadly Disney dissapoints us Jafar is in that horrible stock art pose he’s been in for years and as for Princess Jas…
…well she gets the new hot Disneyland based outfit she’s been spotted in recently. But she’s still in the same 2 horrible poses she’s doing since forever. In fact all the Princesses are yet again in the standard poses the girls have been on practilly everything. Way to go Disney, just throw in a new dress and let the money roll in. So strike through a Princess calender wish on your Christmas list they’re not worth the money.

Disney does have 3 beautiful classic character calenders in 2009 that are a good alternative.

Cute Bambi calender

Cute Bambi calender

First a Bambi 2009 Wall Calender uses old promotional artwork. Next Disney’s Musical Moments 2009 Mini Wall Calendar uses retro posters or they might be LP artwork from oldies like Snow White, Jungle Book and Alice. Key scenes from Sleeping Beauty are in Sleeping Beauty 2009 Mini Wall Calendar.
Personally I would love to have that Bambi calender myself. Or if you want sells a surplus of other cartoon calenders ranging from Tom & Jerry to old Hanna-Barbara toons like The Flintstones and The Jetsons personally I love the 2009 Transformers calender

Disney Sand Sculptures

European’s best carvers came together at Noordwijk, Netherlands to create this year’s sculptures for the European Sand Sculpture 2008 festival held from 18 July to 17 August in Noordwijk.
This year’s theme was ‘In Celebration of Disney’ classic movies like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty got their homage in sand but also the recent Narnia sequel and Pixar’s Wall-E are presented. I traveled to Noordwijk last Wednesday, still quite the journey with tram, train and bus I was underway for about 90 minutes.
Pictures are uploaded at my Photobucket account.