Burger King Aladdin Toys promo

Going retro on The Lion King, which is now back in 3D both the cinema’s and on Blu-Ray, watching old Disney animated movie tie-in’s fastfood chains at YouTube. BTW, no Aladdin is not listed to get a 3D make-over in the near future. From what I heard a bunch of Pixar movies and The Little Mermaid are. Glad too because I don’t believe 3D adds that much except higher price tickets and eye strain.

I stumbled upon a Burger King promo TV spot with some orginal animation in it. It’s low budget of course and TV spot itself is old school but that’s what I like about it.

Adam Jacobs cast as Aladdin in musical

Last month where the auditions held for the Aladdin musical that opens in Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater in July. Today the first name was released. Adam Jacobs is going to play Aladdin. While I haven’t heard of him before he has an impressibe resume with roles in the U.S tour of Mama Mia and he played Marius in the Broadway edition Les Miserables. Currently he playes adult Simba in the National Tour production of The Lion King a role he will return to in August but then on Broadway. Check his site for his bio and full resume.
I heard it through UD

Beauty in 3D

Not directly Aladdin related but many Disney animators worked on both movies so here’s the trailer of Beauty and the Beast in 3D. No need to take out your 3D glasses though because it’s in classic 2D. I’m blown away by the beautiful and rich colors the ballroom has never looked so beautiful. The Lion King is rumored to be next if successful it’s paving the way for a potential Aladdin 3D conversation in a few years.

Jeffery Katzenberg On His 24-year Career In The Animation Industry

Dreamworks CEO Jeffery Katzenberg sat down with AOL Entertainment to talk about his career in line of an upcoming Dreamworks film I personally have no interest in. The last time I went to theater to see a Dreamworks animated film was Shrek 2 a few years back or was it Madagascar? Can’t remember you do the math how much Dreamworks animated division interest me.

Anyway in the interview he says he did know nothing about animation or had any affinity with the genre before he joined Disney in 1984. Learning along the way with each new film until, after 5 years, he learned enough that his input nudged Disney feature animation back to the leading animation studio it was a couple decades earlier.

Aladdin team meeting, designers, animators, directors, Roy Disney and Jeffery Katzenberg discuss Aladdin's design

After all he had major influence on Aladdin helping turn it into the final beloved product we know today. I know he was the one saying it was better aging Aladdin so he would match better with the final form of Jasmine. There’s some footage on that meeting on the DVD under the title “Designing the Lead Character” and I believe the making of book mentioned that as well.

Still, for someone who didn’t had anything to do with animation Mr. Katzenberg didn’t do bad 24 years later. I mean he’s the big chef on the second biggest animation studio in the world with a turnover of multi-million dollars a year. Kudos.