A Million Miles Away

I’ve been listing to the Aladdin Broadway soundtrack today and you know from the new songs they’ve added I just love “A Million Miles Away”. It reminds me of the good old days of the TV show where Al & Jas go on adventures together to help people and protect their city, it’s people, their friends and one another from harm. I feel like the creative minds behind the Broadway show took their inspiration from this. And now finding a great quality video recording of the number I tell from the acting of dam Jacobs and Courtney Reed that they likely where inspired by the fact that Al & Jas ended such an adventures couple.


Where’s a Genie’s brain there’s space to rent

Iago tells Genie “Where’s there’s a genie’s brain there’s space to rent” after Mr. semi-powerful acts like a fool in the TV episode Fowl Weather. The diehards know that Fowl Weather introduces Thundra the railbird and Iago’s love interest. For those that haven’t seen the episode in a while, actually I must confess I have been a few years since I last saw it too. Here’s a summery.

Aladdin and the gang travel to the rainforest to help a poor farm get some rain for his crops back in the outskirts of Agrabah. Never been the rainforest the kids, Aladdin and Jasmine, are in awe of the beauty and lushness of the landscape. Iago on the other hand is full of complains about the humidity. The queen of the rainforest and caretaker of the world’s rain Thundra gives our friends thunders welcome resulting in Al & Jas almost falling to their deaths but being saved by carpet, as usual of course. Iago is then talked into hooking up with Thundra trying to convince her into making it rain in Agrabah. After that plan fell through, no rain in desert cities, it was time for plan  B. Giblet keeps Thundra busy while Aladdin and Genie ‘borrow’ rain cloud.

All goes well and when Genie captures one with the suck-o-matic the gang quickly take off home leaving a in love rain bird behind who soon finds out she’s been used and robbed and takes off after Iago with her thunder clouds in tow. Meanwhile back in the palace genie acts foolish again, something he’s been doing al throughout this episode, by releasing the cloud inside the palace causing a major flooding in the throne room. If that’s not enough Thundra arrives with revenge in mind. It is then Jasmine’s time to star and convince the guys, mainly Aladdin and Iago that it isn’t right to toy with someone’s feeling and they should apologies. Iago in initially against claiming he’s done nothing wrong but before Aladdin gets to talk to the rain queen giblet is already making it up with his girlfriend. He’s forgiven and with a hug and a promise for a future date Thundra takes off. The episode ends with the farm kid getting the water he needs for his crops as Genie drilled an underground tunnel from the palace to drain the water.

I love that seemingly forgotten characters from the Aladdin universe aren’t faded from memory yet



Deviant artist Chibi-schurri revisted some of the major villains from the Disney Afternoon Aladdin TV series. She and her friend appear as characters in their own Aladdin fiction stories interacting  with the likes of Abis Mal (the dumbest thief of the seven deserts, his right hand and brains Haroud. Mechanicles (greek inventor with  mysophobia), Chaos (winged god-like cat) and Arbutus (misundertood plant lover).

How to flatter a woman by ~chibi-schnurri on deviantART

… why me? by ~chibi-schnurri on deviantART