All hail Sadira

Sadira/Aladdin pairing music videos aren’t common, people don’t always know she’s the teenage streetwise witch from the TV show who had the hots for Aladdin for a while to end up friends with the gang.
Alice Keys sings U Don’t Know My Name for Sadira and her love interest. Made by Booncier

Here comes Uncouthma by FluffyZeliboba

I caught That Stinking Feeling last weekend. It such a funny episode, Iago and Abu doing their usual get-rich-quick scheme, this time a huge golden ring protected by a dormant plant monster. Uncouthma at the palace dinner party juggling Jasmine and Sultan hilarious.
I love that big guy. So I looked around on Deviant. See he has fans with artistic skills too.

Here comes Uncouthma by =FluffyZeliboba on deviantART