You’re Only Second Rate in top 10 best Villian Song

Super genie Jafar’s You’re Only Second Rate reached the eight spot in Nails105’s personal top 10 Animated Villian Songs over at RetroJunk. It stands proudly along the likes of Be Prepard, Gaston and Poor Unfortunate Souls. Have you seen Transformers: The Movie? Talk about a good villian Unicon is a planet-size robot that feeds on other planets. The Unicron score is so good. Watch it!

I’m suprised, Return of Jafar isn’t exactly Disney’s best sequel it compared to Aladdin it’s a shallow shell of course but set it besides Bambi 2 or Tarzan 2 RoJ lacks animaton quality and the story could’ve been better too. As for the songs they’re all forgettable except the love duet Forget About Me which quite nice.