Aladdin gives his Valentine flowers for Valentine’s Day Coloringpage

The coloring page below is based on a clipart from It has the biggest collection of Disney clipart I’ve seen. They have cliparts from every Disney and Pixar movie to date. Their Aladdin section carries lots of cute Jasmine and Al & Jas pictures. Some are based on coloring pages from Streetrat that I’ve scanned from Disney Princess magazines a couple of years ago. Like Jasmine hugging cub Rajah or Aladdin and Jasmine romantic candlelight dinner

Aladdin Gives jasmine Flowers. coloring page

Aladdin Gives His Valentine Flowers.

Valentine’s Day 2008 coloring page

In honor of Valentine’s Day 2008 here’s a coloring page of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine riding horseback. They’re off on a picknick leaving the rest of the gang in charge, to make sure the city is still standing when they return in the evening.

Foor every one with romance on their mind. I didn’t draw this coloring page myself nor did I scan it I meerly pasted two excisting black and white image together and decorated it.

Click the thumbnail for the full version then click right and choose Print Picture. You might want to blow up the picture by selecting stretch to page or center on page.

Cute romantic Aladdin and Princess Jasmine coloring page - Valentine's Day