Sega Aladdin VG clips

GamerDMS uploaded clips from the Sega Genesis Aladdin videogame. Considering the 16-bit graphics of that time the characters look great. Almost like they came straight out of the film. Actually, I think the the simple 2D Genesis Aladdin looks more true to the movie then, the advanced 3D Kingdom Hearts on a high-end video game system.

Brings me to the question, why didn’t Square Soft go for the traditional look of the Disney characters? Surely, the Playstation 2 can handle it. Well hopefully Disney produces a real 2D video game for the WII with their new game studio Fall Line.

Taipon posted a recording of his time trial in 14.20 minutes. I don’t believe it’s an accomplisment to finish the game in a short time. While skipping half the game. I played the Sega version last month. Up till the Cave of Wonders. Never made that far, those annoying bats always killed me.