3 New Songs in Aladdin Musical

In an interview with Broadway World held composer and lyricist Chad Beguelin he revealed that pretty much all movie cut songs make their grant debut on Aladdin the musical. He mentioned Proud of Your Boy, Call Me a Princess, Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim and High Adventure. Plus a couple of new songs he co-wrote with Alan Menken they are A Million Miles Away, Somebody’s Got Your Back, and A Royal Wedding. We already knew Why Me is back edited in so I have to assume Count On Me and Humiliate The Boy aren’t in because they are similar to Proud Of Your Boy and the earlier mentioned Why Me.
How Quick They Forget might still be in, I mean if they put back Aladdin’s pals why not this song. I remember that Alan told that Howard’s heart broke when Aladdin’s mom was nicked back in the early nineties and so Proud of Your Boy got strike through as well. I love that has in memory of Howard this song makes it’s come back.

As for the new songs it’s everyone’s guess where they are placed and if they push the story forward. Here’s my 2 cents. A Million Miles Away could take place when Aladdin is fighting his back to Agrabah after he is send to the ends of the earth. I imagine there’s room to expand there give Al more obstacles to overcome before the reaches Carpet. Somebody’s Got Your Back could be a bonding song between Aladdin and Genie after A Friend Like Me and before Prince Ali. Or perhaps it’s further up in the show. It’s complex without knowing how the story is structured now. A Royal Wedding makes me believe the AWNW reprise is expanded to a full song near the end of the show although in the Disney film musical adoptions I’ve seen it’s common to reprise the main theme song of the show. And there’s the question if Jasmine has a decent song of her own other than that bitchy Call Me A Princess like the Disneyland California show To Be Free. That’s a nice song but I never really like it that much.
With 11 days before the premiere the excitement is getting bigger and bigger.

Why Me

Jonathan Freeman (Jafar) and Don Darryl Rivera (Iago) preformed the cut song “Why Me” as promotion for the Aladdin: A Stage Musical show.
“Why Me” was one of the many attempts to give the villian his own song, like it was pretty common around that time in Disney animated films. Ursula got Pour Unfortunate Souls and Gaston got a song carrying his name. In Aladdin’s case, according to the direction audio commentary on the DVD, that part of the movie underwent allot of rewriting to get a song for Jafar there, also partly because of Jonathan Freeman´s great singing voice, and Alan Menken and Tim Rice penned a few songs including this one. At the end it was decided that it would slow down the movie and it was simply to late into the film for a full blown song and so the production crew decided to stick with a reprise of Prince Ali. Great to see the musical production grew found a way to use it. Can´t wait to see how Jonathan looks in full costume.