Are you kidding me? Jasmine/Rajah fanart

DA user Opal-I did an amazing job in coloring a drawing of Jasmine and Rajah listing to Aladdin pouceing about how wonderful Princess Jasmine is by lordsnoopy. It’s excellent capturing the spirit of the scene well I mean I love the look she gives her pet tiger.

Opal’s focus is mainly on coloring other people’s drawings which is something this artist is pretty good at. Her other (Aladdin) work is certainly worth mentioning.
Jasmine from DPM cover recolored

LordSnoopy’s gallery has nice drawings of again Jasmine but also Rajah and Jafar.

Pooh goes Arabian

While looking for info on an old Aladdin cartoon from the my childhood,
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Arajin to maho no ranpu ) I must’ve watched it as it came from the same distribution company as The Wizard of Oz (Ozu no mahôtsukai) both written by Akira Miyazaki. One of my favorite childhood cartoon TV series was also penned by the writer. Katri, Girl of the Meadows It was broadcasted in Holland during the mid- to late 80’s and was part of a cluster of Japanese cartoons. The Swiss Family Robinson and Heidi and pretty much all the TV series from Nippon Animation.

Anyway I find it fascinating that while growing up I had no knowledge that Disney made feature films that are remembered and treasured by many like Oliver and Company or The Great Mouse Detective while cartoons I grew up watching are very hard to track down.

The Pooh clip is cheesy but I found it worth mentioning anyway. There’s another part but I haven’t seen it.